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VWX 2018 - Set Hanging Pos. and Move to Hanging Pos.

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I am using Christie Lites truss symbols and then converting them to hanging positions. Next, I insert a lighting fixture symbol on the truss hanging point, specifically on the cord I want the light to attach to. After that I notice the light is close but not quite on the cord I want. I click the truss hanging position, then use the blue arrow associated with the fixture and click 'Set Hanging Point'. The red line and bulls eye cursor appear, but I am only allowed to select a hanging point on the red center line. When I select a point along the red center line and click 'Move to Hanging Point' the light symbol moves inside to the middle of the truss (see attached).


Is there a way to pick a specific cord on the truss and have the clamp move to that location?


I saw this post below. Do I really need to reset my user settings to get this to work? Or is there a fix since SP1?


Thank you!

light inside truss.JPG

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You don't need to use the arrow tag or the blue grip to move a light on any Hanging Position. Just move the Lighting Device wherever you want and the hanging Position will update it's load point. Those blue tags are new in 2018 and as such don't seem to offer much added functionality that is useful without the full version of Braceworks being installed. They are much more useful on pipes where there is obviously only one chord and the centre of the pipe is the centre of the 3D symbol.


It is confusing and hope that the Braceworks integration will be more streamlined in the 2019 update next month. I think it is going to be a really amazing tool and absolutely what CAD should be for.

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