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  1. Hello, I am using Christie Lites truss symbols and then converting them to hanging positions. Next, I insert a lighting fixture symbol on the truss hanging point, specifically on the cord I want the light to attach to. After that I notice the light is close but not quite on the cord I want. I click the truss hanging position, then use the blue arrow associated with the fixture and click 'Set Hanging Point'. The red line and bulls eye cursor appear, but I am only allowed to select a hanging point on the red center line. When I select a point along the red center line and click 'Move to Hanging Point' the light symbol moves inside to the middle of the truss (see attached). Is there a way to pick a specific cord on the truss and have the clamp move to that location? I saw this post below. Do I really need to reset my user settings to get this to work? Or is there a fix since SP1? Thank you!
  2. @markdd Both of these videos directly address my issues I was having! Great explanation on adding the center line too. It makes much more sense now.
  3. @markdd I did that as well. Got the same error. I tried unchecking witness lines and I was able to rotate the truss but the fixtures stayed in the same position. Could it have something to do with witness lines?
  4. @markdd I also tried that but I get the "can't rotate hybrid objects" error (see attached). Thoughts?
  5. @markdd I converted the truss to a hanging position, then I assigned the lights to the hanging position in the OIP. When I move the truss around without putting an angle on it, the lights move with the truss. I then try to put an angle on the truss (hanging position) by double clicking it and then rotating from a side view using the rotate tool. The lights do not follow the truss at that point.
  6. Hello, I am trying to hang light symbols on an angled truss. I laid out my truss with no hanging angle, then I added the lights where I would like to see them on the truss. Next, I checked "Draw 3D Only" on the truss hanging position. I go to the right 3D view and use the rotate tool. I rotate the trusses to a 45 degree angle. The truss rotates but the lights do not follow. The lights did follow when I trimmed the entire truss unit from 0 Z axis. What am I doing wrong? Or is there a specific method to angle a truss converted to a hanging position with lighting fixtures on it? Thanks, Max
  7. Yes I have noticed that with other trusses I added when I changed the hanging angle initially. That makes a lot more sense. I appreciate the explanation.
  8. Hello, I am using the Insert Truss Symbol tool connecting the symbols together with auto connect on. I am trying to make a triangular shape laying flat and then I would like to hoist the triangular unit at a 45 degree angle sloping down from the down stage side. I see the hanging angle option (see attached) when inserting a new symbol, but I am unable to change the hanging angle after inserting the new truss symbol. Is there a way to change the hanging angle of a group of connected truss? Thanks, Max
  9. @JustinVH I stumbled upon this thread on my search regarding hanging angle. I understand being able to change the truss hanging angle while inserting a new truss symbol. My question, is there a way to change the hanging angle of a group of connected truss symbols? For example, if I make a square of trusses, can I grab all of the trusses and change their hanging angle after I have created it? - Max
  10. Hey all, While importing VWX truss symbols from the subscription library, the symbol shows up as a solid in 3D (see attached). Does anyone know how to make them show up like a normal truss. Like when using the Spotlight Truss Tool Plugin?
  11. Lots of great information here. I really appreciate all of the responses. Thanks - Max
  12. Got it. Thank you! This helps a lot.
  13. @Kevin Allen Okay, I made NURBS curve with the intended swag on the line. I have some light bulb symbols I added to the drawing. I tried using the distribute tool in Spotlight but I am only getting a 2D line. Is there a way to distribute the light bulbs using the NURBS curve I drew? If so, how?
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