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Service Pack 4 for Vectorworks 2018 Released

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So far it seems SP4 has reduced the lags I was experiencing quite a bit, it's not completely gone but it is quite a lot more usable for now.


And yes the new summarized notes for the bug fixes is a lot better, so like the others I'd like to see this repeated in the future.

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Has anybody had any problems getting this update to install on Windows 10 systems? For some reason 2018 SP2 installed on my windows machine fine, but SP3 and SP4 wont install. Running setup the installer extracts to 99/100%, and then disappears and nothing happens..


Edit: Installing in safe mode worked second time around, resolved.

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Yes I had the same issue of SP4 not installing on the laptop, but it did install without issues on the desktop. Windows can be a bit picky at times. I hadn't got to trying safemode yet.

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Thank you Jim W!  The new summarized notes are great, I hope that this becomes the standard for the future!!

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11 minutes ago, Mark Hodkin said:

How do you install the patches silently in an unattended mode via SCCM?

Don't believe we support SCCM at all, this is the only silent install I'm aware of, but we did update the process recently and I think this covers whats needed:


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That's a shame. From what I understand a lot of universities use both VectorWork and SCCM.  Most Corporates/Universities etc want the ability to deploy software silently on mass using industry standard tools i.e. MSI's, SCCM, LANDesk intune etc,
As mentioned above it looks like that patch can be deployed using the unattendedmodeui none --mode unattended switches

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