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VW & WinXP SP2


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Running VW11.01 on an AMD 3400+, Asus K8VSE Deluxe mobo, 1 gig RAM, WinXP SP2 - SP2 broke the dongle driver, downloaded latest HASP WinSP2-compliant driver from Aladdin which restored use of VW11 but provokes a STOP error on entering Standby. Removing the dongle allows Standby to proceed normally

Any help/advice requested as if we forget to remove dongle may lose data


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First off this is a desktop Athlon 64 3400+. All drivers are up to date.

I felt that the sequence described in my post pointed at a problem with the HASP driver, and the problem posed deserves more than an "update all drivers" answer.

Further thoughts appreciated


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A stop error when standby is to be executed could be a result of driver conflict between a number of devices.

If you haven't updated the bios, or other devices such as video, you should do so to alleviate the problem.

Whether you are using a laptop or a desktop, you still have a bios and a video card.

There are a number of reports of out of date drivers causing OS conflicts upon installation of SP2.

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1.all drivers are latest versions

2.The Stop message is Driver_power_state_failure.

3.If I remove the VW dongle the Stop error does not occur.

4.The stop error first showed after installing Aladdins supposedly SP2 compliant driver

It would seem everything points to the Aladdin driver

Would you therefore address solutions along such lines ?


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what a coinsidence, I was browsing this post only because it was the last one posted...30 minutes later I have this problem! I can't run VW11.01 because the dongle driver is out of date. I updated to SP2 three hours ago. Am I going to make a mistake by loading this Aladdin driver you speak of or is there a safer route?

evrything is up to date as far as I know.

AMD64 3200, 1gig ram

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Wish I knew the answer - not yet available via Nemetschek or Aladdin, nor do either appear to want to take responsibility.

All I can tell you is that the Aladdin SP2-compliant driver fixes VW and enables the program to work normally. The catch that I have experienced is that then going into standby with the dongle inserted results in the STOP error described above.

If you remember to remove the dongle on going into Standby then all is well.

Interesting to note that you too are running an Athlon 64 - perhaps this is relevant to Aladdin's driver problem ? Maybe some conflict with the VIA Hyperion drivers

Hopefully somone from nemetschek will take this issue seriously and endeavour to provide support and service rather than blame everyone else.


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The majority of dongle users on PC's have downloaded and installed the latest dongle driver and this is the only report we've had. I will have our engineer send a querry to Aladdin's support.

I was not blaming anyone else for the problem. I was trying to troubleshoot the problem to rule out a number of known issues with SP2 and OS problems first. The engineer would have had me do the same thing before we proceeded.

There are number of steps that are taken while troubleshooting issues. Blaming people isn't one of them, but acknowledging a known issue and trying to rule out that issue first is the first step taken.

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i decided to go ahead and remove sp2, and i did , however it must have wiped out the dongle card, i reinstalled the aladdin software and it appearewd to install fine, but i still can not open vectorworks. i removed and reinstalled vectorworks and still no such luck. i called and spoke with tech support, no luck. i'm screwed! i will now reinstall WINDOWS, what a pain.


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katie: yes i have all the updated drivers, which brings me to another issue, I am constantly getting runtime errors and the program crashes. this all happened when i decided to upgrade my computer to AMD64 3200, a chantech motherboard znf3-250, 400mhz ram, and geforce FX 5200/geforce MX440 video cards (running dual monitors) and updateing to SP2.. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! I should not have fixed what wasn't broken!

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