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  1. I am having the same problem with Vista 64-bit. And like you said, it does not show up in the remove programs list! I guess I will have to revert to the 32-bit version. It's too bad, everything else appears to work fine.
  2. After updateing to 11.5 I am having difficulty applying an ATTRIBUTE to an object I have just drawn. The only way to change the attribute is to deselect then reselect the object and then apply an attribute. On a rare occasion it does work like it is supposed to. HELP!?
  3. excel, ACDSee, outlook, Musicmatch, internet explorer
  4. nothing happens, same + for a cursor. i never use the 3d functions, i pretty much stay in 2d.
  5. Thanks for your responce. It does not matter what i do it will never leave the + position. I can select a million functions and it will never change its position. very strange.
  6. it's a Radeon I updated to SP2 a month ago- HUUGGEEEE DISASTER! the dongle was wiped out and i could not use VW11, i ended up reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows because of that stupid dongle. even after reversing out of sp2 still no luck. I refuse to update to SP2 at this point. someone sent me a solution to it but i don't trust anything now, it was such a huge ordeal i don't want to do it again.
  7. i am running dual cards: agp = ati 9200 256mb 8x agp Pci = ati 9200 256mb pci driver 4.7 or
  8. now i'm stuck with the arrow tool.....reboot!
  9. are you asking for ram memory? it's 896mb another note: this problem occured on my old compouter system too. i have totally overhauled my computer with a new mother board, new chip, new videocard, reinstalled windows etc. same problem different computer. The RAM chips are the only thing i have not upgraded.
  10. Katie, the cursor actually sticks to anything, it could be the pan tool too. It always sticks on whatever tool i was using at the time it desides to stick. Right now i can't get rid of the hand cursor. i will have to reboot AGAIN!
  11. and yes, i have updated the drivers for the vidio card.
  12. Can someone tell me why my cursor keeps sticking to the "+" crosshair position after a few hours or so of working with VW11? no arrows, no hands etc. the program in general is working fine. I upgraded to a 256MB video card but that did not solve the problem. i have to restart the program and sometimes reboot computer to get normal cursor functions back.
  13. katie: yes i have all the updated drivers, which brings me to another issue, I am constantly getting runtime errors and the program crashes. this all happened when i decided to upgrade my computer to AMD64 3200, a chantech motherboard znf3-250, 400mhz ram, and geforce FX 5200/geforce MX440 video cards (running dual monitors) and updateing to SP2.. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! I should not have fixed what wasn't broken!
  14. failed failed failed i am going nuts trying to install this update from aladdin, nothing seems to work. I downloaded from www.ealaddin.com, I am sure I am doing everything right but it fails to work. ekx, can you tell me where you got the download. thanks!


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