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  1. ok - problem solved! Had set VW to run with Administrative Privileges in order to allow file associations to be written to the registry.Also running in 'Compatibility Mode' for Win XPSP2. Running without Admin Priviliges and VW now 'sees' my printers. So used Admin Priv setting to write file associations then reverted to non-Admin Hope this may help others -e
  2. hi - I am running Vista Ultimate 64 and have VW 12.5.1 running onscreen but Print Setup says that there are no printers installed. Control Panel shows my installed printers and all other installed programs happily use my installed printers so my question is why VW does not recognise or detect my printers ? -e
  3. Received this reply from Aladdin ... HASP is USB 1.1 compatible. The USB 2.0 standard supports USB 1.1 devices, but if there is an issue with your hub downgrading, I suggest you contact the hub manufacturer. Regards Daniel Lewis HASP Technical Support Aladdin Europe
  4. I have a USB dongle which has migratde via upgrades from VW10 to my current 12.5 (Windows XP SP2) Is this dongle 'USB 2' compatible ? I ask because I believe that just one USB 1.1 device will reduce all USB ports to 1.1 speed under Windows Thanks for any help/advice Eric
  5. ekx

    VW12 will not run

    right on and thanks - QT had dropped off my system radar somehow. Reinstalled QT and VW working fine now Thanks for your prompt and excellent help -eric
  6. OK - this has me beat. VW12.01 (from CD) seemingly installs OK but will not run. there is a flicker of activity when invoked - then nothing. I have run chkdsk on my drives, uninstalled VW via deleting registry entries, reinstalled (to same & different dirs), deleted all Nemetschek/VW entries but still no program, no message, just nothing. Dongle lights up OK Program has previously worked up until yesterday - vital for my work so most urgent. All other stuff seems to be running OK so I am at a bit of a loss - maybe missing something simple. Would appreciate any help/advice thanks Eric Athlon 3400 64 - Win XP SP2 (all latest fixes) 1GB RAM, nVidia GS7800S Video 2 x 169GB SATA HD 1 x 200GB USB HD 1 x 300GB USB HD Zone Alarm Pro Trend Micro PC-Cillin 14
  7. Katie, I have tried all drivers available from Aladdin and still get the Standby BSOD. It is clear that, after all this time (nearly 3 months), neither Nemetschek nor Aladdin are interested in resolving this problem. I would therefore formally request a refund of my purchase price for this software as it is unusable on my machine. Eric
  8. Katie, It seems that the 1.8 version is Mac, I am PC-based and the drivers listed all seem to be the same 5.11 released at the end of September, unless you can tell me otherwise. Eric
  9. Katie, I am glad to see that you keep an eye on this thread. However, I would be grateful for a reply to my post of 28th Octob4er in which I asked you for the incident reference you have from Aladdin re your original report to them. Th reason I ask for this is that Aladdin in the UK can not trace your report until they have this reference. I would therefore appreciate it if you would give me this information. Eric
  10. Katie Would you please advise the incident reference you have from Aladdin, concerning your report of my Standby STOP error to them thank you Eric
  11. HAPPY 50Th ANNIVERSARY It is now 50 days since I reported this problem to Nemetschek. Sadly no solution has been offered, and contact has been minimal. Emails to Nemetschek Technical Support have been totally ignored. I am forced to copnclude that Nemetschek do not care about a problem which probably only affects a small number of users. This leaves only one course of action - Nemetschek, please advise me of procedures to return this defective product to you for a full refund. I hope that this can be accomplished easily otherwise, regrettably, matters would have to be taken further, fully publicised, and probably end up in court. in some sadness Eric
  12. 11 days on - any sign of a solution ? Patience wearing thin Eric
  13. Katie, Thank you for that reassurance. It is now a week on and I am hoping that Aladdin are near to or have a solution. Otherwise, regretfully, I would request your advice as to how I may return this faulty product for a refund. Eric
  14. Kate, Aladdin, Vectorworks, Is there any sign of a solution to my dongle problem ? I have been waiting now for over a week without any communication from concerned parties. An email direct to Aladdin has produced no response whatsoever, likewise with Nemetschek, as wewll as this board - does anyone care enough to deal with this and keep me informed? The whole episode raises serious concerns over the depth and value of support offered when purchasing Vectorworks. Eric
  15. Tom, thanks for the info. When I saw the date of the post I hoped that Alladdin had updated the driver but, altho' file dates and sizes are different these are the same SP2-compliant drivers isued earlier (and which I have tried). The latest file is dated 27th August whereas the earlier one is 16th August - perhaps just the GUI interface difference. Unfortunately for me the later driver file does not solve my Standby STOP error Thanks anyway Eric
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