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Renderworks Issue

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I have a project that has several layers, some with different levels to facilitate stories and elevated objects.  I needed to try a new conceptual design and copy pasted all of it to 2 new layers.  Now when I go to wireframe 3d, no problem, hidden line, no problem, but fast renerworks cause many of the features to move all over the Z axis.  I hope to provide a video if possible.  I go to the flyover command and can see the interior shot, but when i release the mouse it is gone.  What could cause this?

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Not my speciality, but it sounds similar to issues that have been diagnosed in the past to having object too far from the origin.


From Top/Plan Select All and then Fit to Objects to make sure you don't have anything way out in space.  Repeat from a Front or Side view to make sure you don't have anything way above or below the origin. If you find stuff out in space either move it back closer to the origin or delete it if you don't need it.


If you drawing is far from the Origin either move the origin to match the drawing or move the drawing back to the origin.


Likely someone with more expertise will provide another answer if this is not it.

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That seemed to work, my drawing had gotten off of the page and was in space, I guess that caused the glitch??


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It has to do with how numbers are represented and the base units used in the drawing.  Anything more than about 15 km (10 miles) from the origin results in a single pixel as being more than a base unit and you end up with some kind of an overflow condition and crazy renderings. Full details on on the board somewhere if you are interested, but for most of us, just knowing to stay near the origin is enough.

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