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Hoist hooks 6" higher than truss


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Greetings all,

Is there a setting I've missed? I have truss at 19'-6", but my hoists are saying trim is at 20'. Reports say the same and, therefore, can't be trusted on site during load in. How do I get the "Load Trim" in the hoist to carry into the truss?


Thanks, Scott2018-03-20_23-18-04.thumb.jpeg.652fffa822efec524e61a7f6e6b6f306.jpeg

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I have noticed this, and what I have chalked it up to is sling height.  Honestly how often do you actually put the hook at the exact same height as the top chord?  even if you bottom choke and put the hook on the inside, your hook is still lower than the top chord.  personally, I just simply connect all the trusses with the tool, so it makes an entire completed system, select one piece, and put a Z value in the change height of system to desired bottom chord height, then snap all your motors to it.  who cares if the drawing shows the hooks 6" up, thats where they would be anyways most of the time.

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As Brandon mentioned, this is a bug, now reported. As for sling height, sometimes I have rigs without slings.

As mentioned, I want the "load trim" to actually match the number in the "load trim" field so that fly schedules reflect desired heights, etc.

I've figured out other workarounds in the mean time.


Thanks, Scott

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