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Importing DWG file from illustrator not scaling


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Hello, I'm fairly new to vectorworks i know how to do the basics but now im trying to do a site plan from an autocad PDF so all the vectors are there but I just dont understand how to get the export to scale so I can import it into vectorworks and start working. When I try to export it on illustrator there is an option of scaling I dont entirely understand how it works or how to use it. Please help!

Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 17.30.17.png

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Do you have a known distance or is there any indication on the PDF of what the units should be?

If yes and you know what the units should be then select that one from the drop-down menu.


If you know the scale as well then you can make sure it scales to real world size in the dwg/dxf.

E.g. if units are millimeters and the scale is 1:50 then in the first scale set 1, then units to millimiters and then in the second on set 50 (units). This should increase the size of the drawing 50x in the dwg/dxf file to match real world units.


Then in VW when importing the dwg/dxf set the units also to millimiters in this example case and 1 unit in vw is 1 unit in dwg/dxf to import in real world size and use the scale option in the dwg/dxf import to match the scale of your design layers.


There is also the option of adjusting for the scaling in VW but I assume from your message you want to get it right when exporting from Illustrator.
That being said, unles Adobe improved things quite a bit, dwg export from Illustrator is not the best. You may want to try importing the PDF directly into VW and then convert it to VW objects.


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