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incompatible plug-in warning

Conrad P

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A new fruit ... I'm seeing this dialog when I compile my code. And I can't for the life of me see where I'm going wrong. This all used to work, and it works on Mac, but Windows is giving me trouble.

If I try one of the sample projects (in 401138 - the later one crashes) these load fine. My stuff gets complaints... Anyone know the magic words?



Screenshot 2018-03-04 19.19.10.png

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Hi Joshua


Well I have some news on this. It seems to be caused by the libcurl library that I'm trying to squeeze into the Windows build. I haven't had time to fully investigate but I suspect there's a define in the libcurl headers that may be conflicting with our SDK_VERSION define. You get away from VS quirkiness and re-discover it in a new form. On the Mac libcurl is built in so using it to access web resources from within a plug-in is a breeze. Seems like Windows has it's own way of doing http requests so I've got some reading to do. One thing I can say is that trying compile libcurl and openssl for Windows has not been an easy ride.




-- but hey, I'm just a Greenhorn... --

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Well I've been there and done that. Python is ok and you can send and get JSON which translates beautifully into dictionaries. I'm using that technique to manage on online repository of device data for a year now. libcurl on the Mac was actually very easy indeed. Probably i just have to do it the MS way on Windows and that's all there is to it.

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