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Vectorworks 2015 dongles cannot be swapped to another machine


We have 5 existing B series dongle versions of VW 2015 which all work fine in their own machines (MAC/PC mix), however I have swapped a dongle into another VW machine as instead of asking for the new dongle serial number (as it used to do) it now says there is no dongle present and quits. We haven’t installed any new dongle drivers and these are the original versions of VW so how can we use the licence in a new machine now? This all used to work perfectly.


Any ideas?


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Does the dongle light up red when plugged into the new machine? Were the dongles new with Vectorworks 2015 or did you originally get them with an older version of Vectorworks? What OS is running on the machine the dongle was working on and what OS was running on the machine it was transferred to that did not work?

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Hi Jim,

Apolgoies for the late reply, I've been away.

The dongle lights up

We purchased 5 dongles all at the same time when we bought VW 2015, they all work fine. 

All machines are Windows 10 (creator edition)

We used to be able to swap dongles between machines, now this doesn't work - I have tried removing everything and resinstalling and this doesn't solve the problem





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Yes I did that already. They referred me to the dongle drivers, then also mentioned that 2015 isn't supported anymore. That's a lotta money we paid out for those licences and I need them to work...

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