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Ben Wingrove

Adding an Apostrophe as text to a worksheet cell

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I am trying to add some info together in a cell of a worksheet and I want it to appear as such " LED Wall @ 12' x 32' " I can do the last apostrophe by using the trailing function in the cell dialog but when I try putting the apostrophe as the foot symbol actually in the header it is obviously  not letting me as that is the syntax to display a character. how can I get around this?


This is what I have to make it work but I want to add the apostrophe's in to this!


=CONCAT('LED Wall @ ', ('VS4-LED'.'ArrayWdth'), ' x ', ('VS4-LED'.'ArrayHght'))




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You can use double and triple apostrophes to "Escape" the apostrophe you want, but I find that really hard to read and see what I have done.


I prefer to use CHR(39)


BUT while both of these work in scripts, neither seems to work in a worksheet formula. :-(


Alternatively, put in two dummy cells (hidden if needed) that are formatted as Dimensions and just use the cell reference in the concat.  NOPE, that does not work either, the value is returned as decimal feet.


Easiest solution is to fall back to ft and in formatting instead of quotes.


Or I might someday find the time to write you a worksheet script that will do this with proper formatting.








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