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Landmark 2018 Plant Database

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We are having a few problems with the 2018 version of Landmark which we are slowly working through.  However,  it appears that you can not uncheck the Update Plant Database with Vectorworks Plant Definition Changes option, or remove unwanted workgroup folders.


We think that this is the cause of a very long lag time between each and every plant tool operation - it is actually totally unworkable.  Is anyone else having the same problem. Is there any work around or is the only option to go back to previous versions.



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To remove a workgroup folder you need to go to the Vectorworks Preferences>User Folder and select the workgroup folder there and 'remove'. I don't have any problems unchecked the tick box next to the 'Update Plant DB...' so not sure why you're having that problem. Maybe remove the w folders first and see how it goes?




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