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Vision Fixtures

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I have searched for a little while and can't find the answer to this.  I have Vision 2017 and Vectorworks 2017.  I haven't had to create a new model since upgrading to VW2017, but I am trying to and have an issue getting things over to vision.  In VW2015 there was a Vision library of fixtures that I could always pull from and use in VW to ensure that the lights would move over to Vision. I have not seen anything like that in VW2017 and that file from 2015 won't open in 2017.  I have all the lighting content installed, but I have placed several fixtures that don't move over to Vision. Upon looking at the Object Info Pallet I see that None is listed in the Fixture mode and it won't let me change that.  Is there a place to see just the Vision fixtures so I know what I can place in the VW drawing and have it correctly go over to Vision?  


Im running SP4 in VW2017 and I just ran the updater for Vision.  



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As long as it is a lighting Device at the top of the OIP, you should be able to change the Fixture mode through it's dropdown.  for 2017, the Inst Type field will auto-populate the Fixture mode if it finds the Instrument in Vision.  If it is not found then it lists none, but still should allow you to change it with the dropdown.

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Hey there! Grab the Vision 2017 sp3 installer from here: the Vision updater only updates Vision's internal library currently. 


If you run that installer with Vision and Vectorworks both closed, it should fix your missing fixture mode issue. 


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Thanks for the replies.  After looking through things more I think I had a bad install of Vectorworks as lots of other things started doing strange things.  So I completely removed and then reinstalled and now it is working like you are saying it should.  



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