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Odd Lines Appearing - Mirroring Fixtures


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Hi Guys:


So, Spotlight 2018, clean install, nothing merged with 2017 (also installed). Macbook Pro 2015.

I've created some trusses with some symbols of Tyler GT Truss, grouped them, and then converted to Lighting Positions using Geometry. 


Whenever I mirror a lighting symbol, I'm getting some additional lines appear as a part of the Trusses. I can't edit the 3D of the Truss to get rid of them, and if I select the lines and delete, the trusses disappear too. 

If I delete the Truss, and then mirror over the opposite truss, and rename it as the deleted truss, the Lines disappear, and the fixtures remain in the correct 'Position'


I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this, is it a Bug, or have I screwed something up? Perhaps the grouping of the truss symbols prior to creating the hanging position is causing some confusion?


Many thanks



Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.45.35.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.45.20.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 11.45.08.png

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They are called Witness lines and are a new feature of 2018. They connect to the load point and are a feature of BraceWorks which is meant to make life for us easier!. You can turn them off in the hanging position OIP at the bottom. You can also assign them to their own class as well by clicking the class settings dialogue box in the OIP as well.


I hope that helps



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Nailed it!


Thanks Mark


I'm sure in some way they make life easier. Perhaps a modification to how they are implemented. It seems that the drawing wasn't updating the locations as I initially thought, but had assigned all of the fixtures in the drawing to the last truss added. Curious.


Many thanks - They've gone away for now at least :)



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