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VW 2018 - Metal Shader

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I have some questions about the new metal shader.



Is Metal Shader (or maybe Ccloth) the only option to use one of C4D's advanced Reflection Shaders in VW



Can I use it for other Materials than Metals/Conductors



And if, how can I set a lower fresnell IOR for Reflection ?

(by simply setting a lower Dielectrics Reflection Value, while keeping 100% Reflection at glazing angles ?)



When I want to create C4D Materials for import to VW,

which non-legacy or advanced Reflection Shader should I use for RW compatibility ?

(GGX, Beckmann, ....)

Or will all work in RW and just can't be edited ?



When I import C4D Materials with incompatible advanced Reflection settings,

will their Reflection Settings in RW be converted into a legacy mode or will

I have no Reflections at all ?

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Hi zoomer!


1. Yes. Metal and Cloth shaders are the only ones capable of creating a texture using the reflectance channel for now

2. Not sure I understand this :/

3. Fresnel settings are not exposed in this version other than the metallic presets (maybe next year?)


I will have to check the imported materials as I didn't implement them.

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if 1. is true,

I would like to use the advanced Reflection Model for all Materials :)


And as Fresnel Settings are hidden,

(So far I always used Glass Reflection Mode to workaround a Fresnel Effect)

if I want to misuse a Metall Reflection for a Dielectric Material, like Glass or Plastic,

Will the Fresnel Effect (100 % reflection at glazing angles) will be kept,

if I simply use no Metal Preset and choose none and set a dielectrics-like low

(about 5%) Value ?

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Ah I see :) Yes, the fresnel strength will be 100%. 

By the way if you'd like to misuse the metallic shader, the clear coat is a Beckmann layer with Dialectric Fresnel set to the Glass preset in C4D with 100% strength. 


Not sure if this helps your case but it's a way of creating glass using the reflectance channel. The glass shader still uses the legacy modes.

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OK, so if there is a chance, it might be worth to update my Glass Shader workaround

to a new Metal Shader workflow.



And as I will always get in Materials again for new Geometry Items after a C4D Exchange/Refresh,

which I have to care of if I changed Materials in C4D meanwhile ....

As it is said that C4D Materials imported into VW, will keep all C4D settings when sent back,

it would be more productive to use only render ready C4D Materials in VW RW.

So I could just use the imported(*) Materials in C4D the way they are coming from VW - as they are

still final C4D Materials.


Of course I can overwrite "incompatible" C4D Materials in VW,

but as I need a similar C4D-like look for VW screenshots,

I would use as much advanced C4D features that are possible in VW.


If I would really know what works and what not, I would even make compromises in C4D Material creation.

Like it would be no problem to switch from GGX, as I am used to, to only use Beckmann - if that is the only

Reflection Model supported.


I just all the time mention that Beckman, that I never used, because I heard here that only one of the Shaders

would be included in RW License - and I saw that Archicad uses that Beckmann.

Maybe that just meant one at a time (?)



(*) BTW

I also prefer VW's mode to apply Texture Scale by Material over C4D's approach separate Texture Scales for each

Object/Assignment Tag.

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