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VW Crash when plugin object has UI override and radio button value is changed

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Hi, wondering if anyone has encountered this or knows of a solution:

When I enable custom object info palette for a plugin object with

 vs.SetObjPropVS( vs.kObjXPropHasUIOverride, True ) #8

I find that trying to change the value of radio buttons in the object info palette crashes vectorworks.  I have inserted all of the widgets with 


I'm not trying to do anything crazy; I am really just trying to get some separators onto the OIP.  I am handling Event 41 as guided by the wiki:



elif theEvent == vs.kObjOnWidgetPrep: #41


def UpdateParametersState():
    vs.vsoSetEventResult( vs.kObjectEventHandled ) #-8


Changing the value of other parameters in the OIP, including numeric fields and checkboxes, works fine.



Most importantly, I see the same behavior when I try the example plugin provided at http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Python_Sample_Point_Object_(complex)  

If I click the radio button for Male / Female in this PIO's info palette, vectorworks crashes.  This leads me to think there is more going on than bad code in my own object.


I am running VW2017 SP4 on Mac OS X El Capitan


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The other workaround is to turn off developer mode when you're testing radio buttons.  It's always a bummer when you forget though...  I finally hunted down a VW plug-in that triggers this behavior, and this is slated for a fix.  Possibly not until 2018, though.



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