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class attributes not being used

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I'm using the set class node to assign a classes to objects.

I am naming the classes with strings that are the same as the existing classes in my document.

These classes have different fill and pen styles assigned to them and I have the "use at creation" checkbox selected in the class definitions.

However, when I convert a wrapper node to an object node only some of the class parameters are coming through. Is this a bug? I've tried using the name class node but it doesn't seem to help. My specific example is in the big red circle on the attached file. 


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I looked at your file and one thing that stands out is that with your Marionette object selected, the Attributes palette shows your Fill Style and Fill Color are not set to be "by class"

That helped to remedy some of the things you're seeing.


Another thing, you have a note on an object that says it should be "blue pen with no fill" however the class that object is in doesn't have those set as the class's attributes. They are currently set to white fill with black pen.

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