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  1. For a little while now the zoom function has been incredibly slow, but only if I have an object selected. If it's just one object, it's only annoyingly slow. If I have multiple things selected It feels like it is crashing every time I try to zoom in or out. Eventually it catches up and starts working again. The zoom works just fine if nothing is selected, as it always has. I am using VW 2020 SP6 on a 2019 MacBook Pro.
  2. I'm using the set class node to assign a classes to objects. I am naming the classes with strings that are the same as the existing classes in my document. These classes have different fill and pen styles assigned to them and I have the "use at creation" checkbox selected in the class definitions. However, when I convert a wrapper node to an object node only some of the class parameters are coming through. Is this a bug? I've tried using the name class node but it doesn't seem to help. My specific example is in the big red circle on the attached file. KERF_TEMPLATE_2017.vwx
  3. Okay, I'm back at it. Everything is working as planned, but I am wondering if I can make this tool a little more sophisticated. Instead of choosing the objects by criteria I would like to select an object and then apply the marionette network to it. I don't think I can use the convert to object approach as I need to manipulate the resulting geometries after they are generated. In a perfect world I'd like to be able to take my marionette network and turn it into a custom tool: I would select a rectangle, click on my "make a drawer" tool, then click on my drawing and it would insert all the drawer parts it generates where I clicked. I'm guessing this involves some serious programming... If you run the attached file it shows some of the problems I am running into. I'd like to be able to run the tool without having to worry about the arrangement of the initial objects I am using as input. drawer builder tool.vwx
  4. Nice, works great, thanks!
  5. I use vector works to draw parts for our cabinet shop. I am working on a marionette program to draw our drawer parts automatically, based on the size of the rectangles we draw in an elevation of a cabinet. It's almost there, but I am encountering an issue where marionette is adding several parts together that should be separate. In order to get the information from the drawing I am using the Objects By Criteria node to select all the shapes in the "drawer fronts" class. It then draws all the needed geometry for the fronts sides, backs and bottoms, and positions them relative to the original drawers in the elevation. In one operation the parts are overlapped when they are drawn, and for some reason VW wants to combine them into one part. Is there a way to prevent the adding? It seems like it would be hard to prevent it from overlapping the parts when I am using the Objects By Criteria node the way that I am, but if I could do that I think it would be a good enough workaround. marionette drawer builder.vwx
  6. Thanks! But I think I'm missing something...could either of you look at the attached test file? get rectangle test.vwx
  7. I am wondering if there is a way to generate marionette drawings using graphic items as the input. For example, I would draw a rectangle and then have a marionette program create a drawing using the width and height of the rectangle as the input values. Does this functionality exist?
  8. kerfboy


    Did you ever get an answer to this Alan? I am having similar issues. Not sure how to track down errors like SyntaxError: invalid syntax. When I click select node it closes the wrapper that contains all the scripts.
  9. Thanks Alan! I don't suppose you have a trick to converting a point to a pair of x and y coordinates, do you? Where the input would be "pt" and the output would be "x" and "y" values.
  10. My first day programming in Marionette is going great, but I'm having trouble finding some tools. Is it possible to fillet the corner of a rectangle in marionette? How about creating a rounded rectangle?
  11. I am not sure what's going on here, but I have a customer sending me DXF files. When I import them in VW2008 this is what I get: [img:left]http://kerfdesign.com/images/mylines.tiff[/img] It should be a simple outline with some holes in it. Any thoughts on this? Thanks
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