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Toggling to last tool used

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As young as I may be, I feel like I am having a "senior moment." I recall back in the MiniCad days that one could toggle back to the last tool used when you move to another. This was a great shortcut especially when working back and forth between two tools.

Can someone tell me how to restore that function to VW? Or can someone remind me of the key combination to toggle to last tool used?


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You're not alone !

(drama, drama). [Wink]

I too would like to see the (re)birth of this function. I've got that option in Maya and Cinema 4D, but not in VectorWorks. It really slows me down. So, to NNA: does it exist already? If yes, which key combo should I use? If not, what are you waiting for?

(Don't take this the wrong way, I am in an enthousiastic mood today. Won't last, of course).



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If you hold down the Space bar while clicking on another tool and using that tool, when you release the space bar, the previous tool will be active.

This is called Boomerang Mode in the VW User's Guides.

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Keying "X" always took you to the 2d selection tool. I've gone back to MC 7 with this. I don't have versions of VW prior to this. But none of the versions back to MC 7 took you to the previous tool without using that specific tools keyboard shortcut.

What version of VW do you think used the x to take you to the previous tool? (when the previous tool was other than the 2d selection tool)

[ 01-28-2004, 09:31 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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So to go backwards you have to think forward about going backward.

But I am a backward guy so I cant throw my boomerang forward.

Maybe the enter key hit once,or twice depending on 2-3 tools you want to go back.

It needs to be retro active not proactive.

Maybe Im not that backward.

Anyway lets move forward


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