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  1. We recently had a rehabilitation project with two separate buildings, but containing unit plans that are the same for each. We made base unit plans at 1/4" scale as symbols and dropped them into the 1/8" "shell" plan that was basically an outline of the building foot print. So, as you can imagine, using the symbols for the 1 & 2 bedroom plans can be updated and voila, they are all updated in the base plan for the building. I'm not sure about workgroup referencing, but the name implies that more than one person could work on the same plan at the same time. I wasn't aware that VWA could allow that, as it is possible in AutoCAD 2004. If VWA does allow that, what a boon to productivity.
  2. As young as I may be, I feel like I am having a "senior moment." I recall back in the MiniCad days that one could toggle back to the last tool used when you move to another. This was a great shortcut especially when working back and forth between two tools. Can someone tell me how to restore that function to VW? Or can someone remind me of the key combination to toggle to last tool used? Thanks!
  3. Hi Katie. When I am in the text mode, I type as normal and then hit the key as I normally due. What happens thereafter is, well, nothing. It waits for the entry of more text. It does not even enter a character or line return. This problem does not occur on any other version we are still using at the office in production mode. Any clues? It is not a new problem, it just simply reappears upon every upgrade of VWA. It might be Panther, since that is an upgrade as well and we are in beta mode with VWA.
  4. Hey, there. Thanks for the comments and experiences. So far, I've been running Panther and VWA 10.5.1b on my PowerBook 15" G4 with a 20" Cinema Display at a satellite office. However, I was worried with the disclaimer that we shouldn't necessarily be using the beta for production, except at our own risk, of course. I will say this, I agree that Panther is much zippier than Jaguar and the interface if eye candy and so much fun to work with. Did I really say "fun" and "work" in the same sentence? The only thing that I notice that is potentially broken due to Panther is that once again with a new OS upgrade, when I enter text and then hit to close out of the text box, it won't. I remember this problem in Jaguar, but I can't recall how it got fixed. Does anyone else recall this and how to fix it, and are you having this problem? I use the Graphite font. Thanks!
  5. I saw the lively banter with regards to the VWA 9.5.3 and Panther. Has anyone out there tried it with the configuration I've noted in the subject? Currently, we have all our iMacs running OS X 10.2.6 with VWA 10.5.1. It ain't broke, so I don't necessarily want to fix, but we are looking at buying new 20" iMacs and they ONLY come with Panther. I've just installed Panther on my PowerBook. It is FASTER than Jaguar and the interface is fantastic. We are a small office so I can afford to do the upgrade if it is feasible. Are greatest fear is getting the work "out of the box" and printed. We use both HP455CA plotter and HP4MV DeskJet printer (mini-sets). We print using GimpPrint 4.2.4, and not the HP or Apple drivers now. I'd love to hear from folks about their experiences and workarounds or solutions. Thanks in advance!
  6. Good morning, everyone. Besides Graphite, where would you find the fonts mentioned? Thanks.
  7. We are using VWA 10.x and 10.5 with Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Office), 10.2.6 (home) and 10.2.7 (new PowerBook). As you can tell, we are not using OS X 10.2.8, but we, too are having the same problems that you describe. We are all using 17" flat panel iMacs with 512MB - 1G RAM. The 512 machines are having the problem, the 1Gig one isn't, but it is not being used as extensively as the others. There does seem to be a problem the longer one works on a specific file. Most files are in the 4MB to 10MB range.
  8. We have been recently experiencing similar quits in VWA. We have VWA 10.4? (not the latest) running on Mac OS X, 10.2.5 with iMacs (17" flat panel) with 512MB RAM. The files are not of great size, all under 10MB. In some cases, we cannot first save, then after going to the menu and pull down to save, it will allow. Frustrating. Any clues? Thanks in advance
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