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  1. Is there a way to download or recieve a VW 12 evaluation demo?
  2. I had to download it using Netscape, IE seems to have problems downloading from this site Ricardo
  3. About moving several objets at the same time: (not answered on architosh forums) , just select them and click & drag'em
  4. Petri I?ve read in previous posts that the now discontinued designjet 120/120nr could not produce good quality black CAD lines in normal paper, what can you tell us about the 130nr? is it as noisy as the 120? thanks Ricardo
  5. Thanks for comments Donald Are you using the intuos or the graphire? Ricardo
  6. Which tablet size would you guys recomend for Cad work? is the intuos 4"x5" enough? Ricardo
  7. Travis Just wanted to ask for your opinion on the epson 2200 and mainly on the 7600, do they get along with Panther?, how about the photo and cad output quality? thanks in advance Ricardo
  8. That?s it Katie!!! The mail program is to blame, zipping the file solved the problem. Thank?s a lot Ricardo
  9. thanks for the replies Hugo: I will upgrade once I finish current work, don?t want to run into surprises. However I don?t think a VW 10.1.2 file should be a problem for a 10.5.1 viewer iboymatt: When I download the file in the PC I add the .mcd extension (don?t know if this is how it is supposed to be done) and the file icon even shows the VW logo, but can?t open it.
  10. Just downloaded/installed the 10.5.1 Pc Viewer on an old PC Windows 98 but it won?t open my Mac VW files (9.2 os/VW 10.1.2) I?m e-mailing the files from my mac and downloading them on the pc and all I get is this message: "This is an unrecognized file. It may be a Vector Works file created by a newer version of the application, it may be a very old MIni Cad file, it may have been created by another application, or it may have been corrupted by hardware or system error" I?m not familiar with Windos so I don?t have an idea of what am I doing wrong Ricardo
  11. At last!!, after diving in my older versions I fuond that this function was lost in the VW 8.5.1 to 8.5.2 upgrade. can you turn it back on, please?
  12. Yes, I do enjoy the boomerang mode, but it?s a "in-between" function, and the X also recalled the last tool used, which made it really useful sometimes, I think the question now is, why kick it out of the program? it wasn?t hurting anyone
  13. If I?m not mistaken it was the "X" that did the trick, but I don?t know what happened to that shortcut and I sure miss it.
  14. BaRa Count me as another one eager to see the traslation...... in Spanish....... Just kidding
  15. Maz You can find that design environment in Boa or Sketchup, each one has it?s own pros and cons too, I think VW it?s a more complete solution in a single package. Ricardo
  16. Ricardo

    line weights

    rbdesign What OS do you use?
  17. When you try to masure the distance between two points using the tape measure tool you get certain value (a weird one), then you do it again and get a diferent value, you can get three different results out of five tries even with the snap marking the right points. I think the cursor reads different snap points in it?s way between the first and second point to measure (specially points near the second snap point) and can?t give an acurate value some times. I thought it was a problem with the spanish vesrsion (which I use) Ricardo
  18. I hear you, having the same problem, this didn?t happen in VW 8.5, just can?t trust the measure tool anymore. Ricardo
  19. Thanks for the reply dhruv, have the crashing and file corrupting problems been exorcised? what OS are you using?
  20. Hi guys I?m seriously considering purchasing the HP DJ 120 or the DJ 100, so I wanted to know if these problems have been solved or are you guys still suffering? which one of the two models you recomend?(printing time, quality output, etc.) dhruv: Are you saying that the DJ 120 can?t produce decent plain simple black CAD lines??? thanks
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