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How to create 3D rocks

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I'm Trying to create rocks and I'm using the draped surface method which creates the desired look, however, it take FOREVER to adjust it to have a rock outline from the square it starts as. I have tons of custom rocks I have to do this to and I was wondering if there is a faster way to create a 3D rock with the desired outer shape already present so I don't have to spend so much time reshaping the edge of the draped surface. 

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FASTEST way is to simply import premade ones from an external library, many can be found from places like 3dwarehouse:


However, when you say you have tons of custom rocks you need to do this to, do you mean you already have 3d models of them, or that you have actual rocks in real life that you need to recreate digitally and thus importing from a 3rd party library wouldn't be useful?

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I have to recreate rocks. I have a little bit have room for interpretation though, because they're rocks haha. But I do need to at least find rocks that relatively fit within the plotted layout I already have. The draped surface method is pretty hard to get exact shapes too unless I gave myself 200 point adjustment, but that takes way too long. So I'm basically searching to see if I can find the best of both worlds. I'll definitely check out what the external library has though. Thanks!

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