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All Accessories Inserting as Static Accessories

Ken White


I have just upgraded from VW 2015 to VW 2017, and now having a problem with the accessory insertion tool.


  1. First I place a lighting unit on the plot using the instrument insertion tool.
  2. Select the instrument insertion tool.
  3. Select a non-static accessory (such as a scroller) via the pull-down menu (note in the displayed window, that the data record indicates the device type as an "Accessory"
  4. Click on the front of the unit to place the scroller, click to set the angle of the scroll, and click on the unit to connect the unit to the instrument.


The scroller will be placed on the plot successfully, but if you look in the object info, you will note that the device type is Static Accessory rather than simply Accessory.


As a workaround, I can manually change the device type, but the is obviously less than ideal.



UPDATE - After talking to Tech Support at VectorWorks, this seems to be a bug. It has been referred to engineering. 

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Thanks for getting to tech support with this. I've been having the same problem.


Unfortunately, manually resetting the device type in the object info palate after insertion still isn't updating the .xml to properly send the accessory to Lightwright via data exchange. It's really screwing with my LW worksheet, not being able to have any of my scrollers or accessories as separate line items.

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