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vectorworks crashes when I save my files

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I 've been losing a lot of hours lately when Vworks 9.5.3 crashes when I save. I always end up with a corrupted file that is unusable. This happens very often and I have to save as with a different name every 5 minutes or so to not have my files wiped out by a corrupted version. Any suggestions???

urimevs (G4 733, OS X 10.2.8, 1280MB RAM)

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We are using VWA 10.x and 10.5 with Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Office), 10.2.6 (home) and 10.2.7 (new PowerBook).

As you can tell, we are not using OS X 10.2.8, but we, too are having the same problems that you describe. We are all using 17" flat panel iMacs with 512MB - 1G RAM. The 512 machines are having the problem, the 1Gig one isn't, but it is not being used as extensively as the others.

There does seem to be a problem the longer one works on a specific file. Most files are in the 4MB to 10MB range.

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There is a known problem with OS 10 and versions of VW prior to VW 10.1.2 that will result in a crash when the file is saved, or the next time the file is opened - the file will be corrupt.

VW 10.1.2 offers a dialog box warning the user when the environment becomes unstable and suggests to save work and restart VW before any file corruption occurs.

Our engineers have been working with Apple to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, if you are not using VW 10.1.2 or 10.5.0, you should update to one of these versions. If you do not want to update or upgrade, you should save your work and close VW once every hour or so as needed. The problem is accelerated by acessing the Page Setup and Print dialog boxes under the File menu. The more these menu's are accessed, the greater chance you have the file will become corrupt within that session of VW. Hence the suggestion to either update so you get a notice when an instability is detected OR to save and restart VW serveral times a day.

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