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Marionette symbol unstable

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Hello forum members.


I created a simple 2d cabinet marionette network.
It works fine as long i use it in my original file.
If i create a symbol from my "object node" and use it in the original file it works.
If i open a new file and place the symbol using the resources - favorites pallet, it sometimes works...
If my network would never work , maybe i was capable to find the solution.

For the enthusiast that what to help me, add my file to your favorites and try to change the "corpusbreedte" ("Cabinet Width") and see what happens. Maybe it works...

My errors are not always the same it differs from a error in oipcontrol to a mixt up object from the original.



ps. Sorry for my lack of language; All two of them "Marionette" and English. :)


OS: window10 ; vw2016 architect ; interiorcad ;


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hi Nico,


I tried using your Marionette Object, and I think it all depends on how you access it. If I IMPORT the symbol from the original file and then select it in the new file and place it on the drawing, I don't have any problems - it works fine. But if I try just selecting it in the original file and placing it in a new file that way, I get errors. This is due to the nature of a Marionette Object - even though it is wrapped in a nice package, its still (in theory) a lot of moving parts. Using the workflow of importing the symbol first and then accessing the imported version is the best way to keep all of those moving parts working smoothly.


Hope that fixes your problem!

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I had the same problem untill I found ""the solution?". Before wrapping I make a symbol of the script and then I wrap. When I import the object in the new file, I import the script AND the symbol of the object. The object being a parametric symbol. This way,  I have no more bugs or VW quitting.

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  • 2 months later...


1st I used a prefix to sort the input in oip. That is not working properly.

2nd the zero point should be X 0 Y0 (in the new drawing). As the little square at the top left is yellow then the script does not work.

3rd import the scripted symbol first to the resource brouwser, then drop it into drawingspace.


Thx for the advice.






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