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C4D R18

PVA - Jim

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I had seen a bit of this when they launched but hadn't had the chance to sit through it until recently. I love a good New Feature set, even if it isn't ours ;)



I also like to keep a half eye on everything C4D does as a barometer for what may trickle into Renderworks.

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The only, but most important, feature that I can remember :


Activating a camera is now limited to the perspective viewport.

(And not to any arbitrary last used orthogonal top or side view)


But I will watch it :)



I remember the everywhere Phong Tag has proper default values (crease angle) now

and selection vs marquee selection have better defaults (select occluded faces)

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Funny guy :)


Seem I already forgot most of the new features,

as I'm used to have these elsewhere for years and the big MoGraph update does not

tangent my C4D VIZ version. But I activated now my Advanced OpenGL Features.

(Unfortunately not that impressing with hard edged orthogonal Architecture geometry)


But nice presentation any way.

Wonderful User Work shown.


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