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Missing functions in 10.5 update?

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It appears that some functions are missing after having updated to 10.5.0, (21095). I am on Mac OS 9.2.1 and using Carbon Lib 1.6 as required.

None of the additional functions that should appear in the "Model" menu show up. Other new functions, such as in the 3D Tools palette, are there.

Note that I already have uninstalled and dumped the preferences, and then reinstalled 10.1 from CD, 10.1.2 patch, and 10.5 patch so I'm pretty sure its not my system.

Perhaps I have a "bad" 1.5 patch???

I'll be away for a few days, so I won't be able to respond to any questions until I return late Thursday.



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I just started playing with VW10.5 today and noticed that some of the new tools are missing in action. I had to manually add the Protrusion/Cutout tool and the Revolve with Rail tool using the workspace editor. This is a little annoying as I would expect any new tools to be already part of the workspace (how else would I know they even exist if I didn't read every page of the tutorial pdf?).

Bottom line: try finding tools that you want in the workspace editor and manually add them on.

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When you updated to VW 10.5 - were you using a custom workspace you created, or one of the standard workspaces that comes with VW?

If you were using a custom workpsace, that may explain why the menu's weren't there. It's still weird though.

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iF you are missing certain menus and commands you think you should have, make sure you are in the correct workspace by going to File>Workspaces. You may be in the Standard workspace which would cause a number of menus and palettes to not be available.

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