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Swapping/merging strip light symbols


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I'm having some difficulty swapping striplight symbols to new symbols. I have a plot with say 24 strip lights that were drafted as all Altman zip strips. I need to swap some of them to L&E Mini strips. When I do that, the symbols are spaced differently, so I want to drag the symbols together to make one cohesive instrument. However, when I grab one section, it moves the whole light! Is there a way to break them apart that I'm unaware of?


In the attach PDF, the strip light symbols on the left are what I'm changing, and the strips on the right are the issue. i want to close the gap between the new symbols.



striplights issue.pdf

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This, I find, is the big problem with multi-circuit.  usually, If I have to change them, I just have to delete the first instance and re-drop.  if you're swapping to something that is the same size, or if you know the centers are still the same, then I'll usually drop locus points on the fixtures before I delete them.  then I use those points to add the new fixtures.


but very annoying

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