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  1. The delete is all i was missing! Looks like if i place a delete before the 3D Array node it will delete the instance that is replicating which is perfect. Thank you for the help!
  2. This way seems to be working better however there is still two tiles on the bottom so there are 7 in my count. Is there a way to eliminate the first instance?
  3. What don't understand about Alan's demo file is where the first step is coming from. Name = 1002 but where is that ID? And why is his first one there too?
  4. Here's a reduce version of the file as i cannot post the one i was working in. Same issue in this file. Array Test.vwx I need a wall that is 12 x 12' horizontal tiles that i can rotate in any direction. What i think is happening is that it is that it does not take into account the first tile insertion.
  5. is there a way to remove this single instance that is left when using Alan's 3D array node? Trying to make an LED wall via Marionette. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Will this work with setting the class as well? I'm stuck there too...
  7. Thanks for the response. Do i break the link and just place the PIO Parent in the file as link it to the hObj input of the record? See images attached.
  8. In this marionette, i have records being attached and updated as the size of the truss is changed in the IOP. The records are name and weight so i can sort them and pull weights in a area based on x/y. The records work great as a marionette object not yet wrapped up. However, once it's wrapped and then converted to an object node, the records are no longer attached. I guess before i bang my head against the wall, i should ask " Is this is even possible?" Tyler Truss GT Marionette.vwx
  9. So I jammed a second group and a second set class after the frost ones and now it's working. It wont work with only 1 set class at the very end. Now on to adding the legs 🙂
  10. I'm kinda stuck and need a little help. I'm creating a Tyler GT Plug-in object that contains all the truss i use, and allows the connectors to be flipped. For easy sorting on big shows all symbols are in a "master class" but i would also like them Marionette symbol that is created to be placed in classes according to length for easy sorting. Everything is working and the debug print is showing the proper string, but the class is not assigned the the object the first time around. it's takes two presses of the run command to assign the class by the radio button length option. As a result, when creating a plug-in object out of the wrapper, you cannot run the script twice so the class is never changed. Can anyone please point me in the right direction. The only thing i can possibly think of it's trying assign the class before the object is done being created, and second time around, it's already there. Is there a way to time the script? Maybe a sleep function? TRUSS v2019 Marionette Test V2.vwx
  11. It appears that i cannot have a container present for the 3d to work. And after the file has been introduced a container into the lebel legend. the 3d portion no longer works at all, container or not. Then the scaling gets real weird and wont let me do any 3d in the file at all. See video in this link post container: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mfVJGnAXtQluvfXOzqKGP2lZYGjykAVb/view?usp=sharing
  12. It turns out the label legends that were used in 2018 are only semi compatible. Create new label legends in a blank file with no 2018 influence was key.
  13. Has anyone else given this a try? Just tried to make a new label legend for a lighting instrument and it will not appear in 3d not matter the class assignment.
  14. I sent the info the support via premium tech email. please see that email. I included a video
  15. Just got a 10 minute time out from moving a drawing label. Anyone else having this issue?
  16. There is no fix on 2018. The issue has moved around on 2019. The updated graphics module makes switching between sheet layers and design layers much much faster HOWEVER this came at a price. If you are going to annotate any section viewport, you will be in for the longest wait yet! Oh such fun! I tried to nudge a drawing label and i was in for 10 minute time out.
  17. I was able to narrow down it down to be the symbols by turning off classes. Try removing the most complex symbol in the viewport and see if that does anything.
  18. I think it's related to a couple bad symbols. If i replace all the symbols in the drawings with new symbols, the issue is there unless i click a lower numbered sheet layer, view it, then click the design layer and there is no lag. If i try and click on the design layer from the sheet layer where the most recent section viewport is created it lags.
  19. Auto save isn't the issue. Normally press save after ever large move just out of habit. The issues here is not with the save config. The issue is with returning the the Design Layers form a Sheet Layer after a viewport has been created. Lowering the DPI of the sheet seems to have a positive effect but not full proof. The best way i have found so far is to step down through the sheets to Sht-1 and then goto the design layer. This yields an immediate response and no lag. Something this odd, that's not how the software should work.
  20. Putting this out there to see if anyone else has had any issues with section viewports. The problem is not creating them, that's a cake walk, the issue is when the viewport is created on a sheet layer and you return to the design layer to continue working.. I'm waiting as long as 15 minutes, until the machine all of the sudden decides that it's going to wake up and start working properly again because of the auto save prompt. Not an issue in 2017 at all. Anyone have this long lag time? I'm working on a project that will require 60 Section viewports so if i add up the extra 15 min per viewport, i will have to charge my client something that they are not willing to pay for the extra 900 minutes the job will take me due to software issues..... Let's see what the hive has to say.
  21. every-time i reset the page origin it adjusts in 5' increments.... It has to be a bug...
  22. I understand the concept of working planes but a new file does not have this issue and there are no saved working planes in this file. If i switch plane orientation in the OIW then it displays even more incorrect data. There is no mystery here, only bugs
  23. I have lighting objects inserted into a file but the Z of the lighting does not properly reflect on the ruler. As a result, all of my exports are showing up in other software at 100+ ft in the air... Anyone have a fix for this? See attached screen shot for an example. This has never happened before i don't feel like making a new file... just looking for a Z fix.
  24. I'm an SS member.. I could just call all day every day until it's fixed... it's their expense not mine :-P
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