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Irrigation Schedules


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I'm looking for some of the preformatted schedules for irrigation that were supposed to come with vwx 2017, such as the Irrigation Drip Line Schedule (looks like there are 9 total).  The only thing I see in the Reports_Schedules folder is a file called Irrigation Reports and it only contains the Irrigation Head Schedule and Irrigation Line Schedule.  Am I missing something or is everyone else in the same boat?


Thank you



Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 3.30.03 PM.png

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I would love to find out if we missed downloading something for the work group folder.  However, the resource manager doesn't let me access the workgroup folder so I can't find out if it needs to download something.  I have it the folder set up in the vwx preferences.  Is there someway I get can the resource manager to show the files in the workgroup folder?  Thanks.

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