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John Whyte

Have difference sentances in the same call out box in different classes, or another way to hide text on a viewport by viewport basis

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Is it possible to have different sentences / paragraphs / blocks of text in different classes within the same call out box, so that we can hide sentences / paragraphs / blocks of text on a class by class basis.


Eg. I have a drawing that i want to present both to a client and to our in house workshop, their are some pricing / production notes that i dont want the client to see, but everything that the client sees id like the workshop to see. So id like the 1st sentence in the call out box to be in a class "notes - for client" and the 2nd sentence in the call out box to be in a class "notes - for workshop".


When published, the client pdf / viewport would have the "notes - for workshop" class off, the workshop pdf / viewport would have both classes on. 


Is that possible or is there another way to achieve something similar ? 

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Separate callouts or text boxes could be configured this way via class, but I do not know of a way to class or otherwise show/hide specific chunks of text within the same object unless you create a symbol with separately classed objects within it.

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I don't know if it applies to Vectorworks in this hypothetical situation as I've never used such a configuration in symbols within VW, you do want to test if any text in a symbol or whatever multi-configuration you have is not exported when set to invisible.


With some software, if supposedly hidden text is connected to an object and the object gets exported the hidden text may get exported too because it is part of the overall object. Even though it might be not be visible in the PDF for the eye, it may still be extracted in that case.

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