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Set viewport to custom angle

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How do I set a viewport to look at something on a custom angle? (The flat is at an angle of 111.56 to plater line, so I need the viewport to face it straight on to get an elevation.)

Things I have tried:

Custom view - nothing I do seems to make any sense. I enter the angle in, and the flat is upside down or backwards, so I try and turn it by entering 90 in another axis and suddenly it is totally skewed again. Is there a process that makes this make sense? I have started in top view, rotated until it is parallel to X, then tried to rotate it up to see the front. Totally doesn't work.

Edit Crop>Set 3D view - the line to set the 3D view will not snap to the perpendicular of the flat, so it's not accurate.

Is there a way to set the viewport with working plane or something?


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Hi David,

In all of these instances I would cut a "section" view using the Ground Plan viewport as a starting point. You can customize how a section looks at things including limiting it to the length of the section line, the depth from the section line etc.. Here's an example sheet.

You can't actually section a section viewport so you'll need to go back to the ground plan. You can also hide the section labels, customize them if needed or replace them with elevation markers.

If it were a stand alone set piece rather than a box set, I would make a symbol of it on its own layer, oriented in the easiest direction to draw. Then I would use another copy of the symbol on the ground plan in its playing orientation. The Sheet Layers would look at the separated out version instead of the ground plan version. Its easier to manage that way.

If you want an example file, contact me using a private message.



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