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Worksheet calculations off

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I have attached a record to my tree and shrub symbols. The record is attached to a 6' diameter circle in a class, so it's 28 sq ft. This is used to calculate the water needs of that plant (MWELO). However my worksheet is not adding up the sq ft accurately. For example:

6 Trees x 28sq ft= 168 sq ft.

My worksheet says it's 144 sq ft. So it's off by 4.26 sq ft per plant.

The problem isn't consistent, so on some shrubs it's off by more, on others it's off by less. Example:

8 shrubs x 28 sq ft=224, worksheet says 218 is the total, so it's off by .75 per plant.

15 shrubs x 28 sq ft=420, worksheet says 389, so it's off by 2.06 per plant.

Does anyone have advice on solving this? Thank you!

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Tell us more please.

1. What number are you using in the calculation? The area of the circle or a manually entered value in the record?

2. If you are using the area, are you sure that the circles are exactly 6' diameter? The 144 sounds like 5.5' diameter.

3. Have you tried removing the SUM tile so you can see if there is a problem with a single instance or if they are all the same? If not, either temporarily add a second database to the worksheet or create a second worksheet that will show the data for every instance instead of just the total.

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It looks like the tree symbol was too small. It was 8' diameter spread in the definition and the outline was an 8' diameter circle, but the interior linework was slightly larger than 8'. So although I had a 6' diameter circle, it shrunk it slightly so as to make the whole symbol fit into 8'.

It seems I'd have to give up the interesting aesthetics that I want to achieve technical accuracy or spend too much time tinkering with every symbol to make them exactly match the definition.

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Or add a record to the symbol that you can then enter the value that you want regardless of the geometry of the symbol.

This is especially appropriate if you want to be able to use the graphical symbol as a "scalable symbol" and change the size to get the graphic look you want.

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