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Larry B.

Vectorworks Please bring back Machine Design

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Good morning,

I'm still using VW2009, and it works well on Win10, but you have such a fine program, why did you stop development of Machine Design?

Please bring Machine Design back.


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It was a decision made before I really got into the swing of things here, but I think it was simply a question of focus. Machine Design was the very smallest slice of our user base by a large margin, even smaller than Renderworks (which at the time, was not as widespread as it is now) and the decision was made to focus on Architectural, Landscape and Entertainment markets instead with Renderworks supplementing each of them.

The tools have all been rolled into Designer since then. None of them were sunset, but it is true that the majority of those tools have not seen development since the move. I do not know if we will ever dive heavily back into that sector given the insanely powerful competition that was present then (which has become even stronger today) but I would be completely onboard with it. I do a lot of product modeling personally and I still use many of those tools for threading and other precision work.

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Thanks Jim,

But insanely powerful competition still cannot model a 3D gear rack, and VW had it 7 years ago.

I hope the same developers are still with VW, and management has a plan to further develop the Machine Design.



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Larry - check out some of the current industry leaders in this market (CAD) and I think you'll agree they've moved well beyond what Vectorworks was offering for that industry. I saw a video presentation the other day which shocked me how far they had come for BIM like design in this area.

VW would have needed to really spend some serious dev $ to stay competitive in that industry - so I can't blame them for leaving. Check out the apps, you might be surprised.

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