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Drawing from existing drawing

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I would like to draw a window or door from a existing drawing so I can place it on a drawing and then add the records under it.

Trying to set up a real door window schedule using marionette to be placed on a drawing.

Refer attached example.

Also where do I find the vector script for each of the bits of the program like rectangle etc.

Thanks in advance.

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Ok, Using Objs by Crit node and duplicate node I am able to copy the windows from my plan on another design layer to another design Layer. I can then move them, BUT if I include the move node in the network it moves them on both design layers. I don't want the originals to move??? Because i want to manipulate them and place them in a row as before.


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Thanks for this,

After some testing and thought it seems the best way (unless others have another) is to use symbols. This way when you change the windows in the plan your schedule updated.

Was trying to get the actual window which I can do now but in copying it over you end up with duplicates and wont update.

But a good exercise in itself just testing all this out.

May help others understand marionette more.

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