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Encrypting python based tools

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I have a set of menu commands and tools that I have written in python with all the code for each contained within the respective Script Editor window ie no external code import/modules etc.

I thought I would try and encrypt (ie PC ctrl+alt+shift with capslock set) a simple menu command "Test menu" containing code vs.AlrtDialog('Menu command')

I get an error "Test menu.xml" not found. I understand from previous posts that the xml must exist if the form







but if I have no external files ie code is totally encapsulated. what do I put in the xml file??

see attached


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Your top attempt is correct, but with one exception. In python, having includes in a directory organizes them into a package -- they way they are packaged with "code/," you would call include code.main.py For this to work, you would need a (potentially) blank file in code names "__init__.py" and to include than in your package xml.

Alternatively, as you indicate you aren't organizing into packages, you need VW to strip "code/" from the included file names. You can do this with the Path attribute, so in your case:

Note, the attribute names are case sensitive.


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