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Marionette Training and Example Objects - What would you like to see?

PVA - Jim

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There are already a number of instances where users have asked on the forum "Can Marionette do ____?" and "Could you provide an example of ______?" so we would like to create a location to bring this sort of talk all to one place. For now, that will be this thread.

What we would like from you as feedback here are examples of demonstrations you would like us to create in addition to the Marionette Monday webinars and the various other tutorials. With that in mind, please make sure your responses answer the following questions:

What Marionette example objects would you like to see, and why do you think doing this with Marionette would benefit you?

(I will sort through some of the previous posts and moved them into this thread if applicable.)

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Hi Jim,

I'd love to see more tutorials and examples detailing how to create various parametric and plug-in objects with automatically generated record data. I work in museum design and frequently need to create a set of 100-200 objects of various types with specific parameters.

I'm working on getting some of these started but I'm getting a little stuck on the best operational sequence to get the objects oriented on the right plane (i.e. do I create a circle on the screen plane, extrude and rotate 3D or specify the plane that the circle is created on first). I'm not quite there yet but any tips on how to generate multiple objects from one script and give them unique IDs would be very helpful too.

Another trick I'd love to pull off is importing tab delimited spreadsheet data to automatically create a set of objects (150 cuboid objects representing bounding dimensions of objects for example).

Sorry if there are already tutorials that cover these. I've watched the Marionette Monday webinars and the basic tutorials but I haven't dug through the forums yet. Thanks!

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