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Marissa Farrell

List of Nodes not recommended for use

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Through my testing of Marionette, I've encountered nodes that will not (likely) ever work or may use outdated functions. Below is a list of nodes that should be avoided in your networks for the time being, and are being taken care of for future dates to either be replaced or removed.

If there is currently another node that can do what the node listed cannot, it is mentioned as well.

Nodes to avoid:

- Get Arrow Style -> use 'Get Object Marker' instead

- Get Marker -> use 'Get Object Marker' instead

- Set Arrow Style -> use 'Set Object Marker' instead

- Set Marker -> use 'Set Object Marker' instead

*note: these nodes will produce results, but are outdated, and the Set/Get Object Marker nodes are a better practice to use.

The following Texture nodes will not work as-is, but we are working on another method to be introduced at a later time.

- Get Texture Shader

- Get Texture Shininess

- Get Texture Space

- Get Transparency

- Default Texture Space

- Set Texture Expanded

- Set Texture Shader

- Set Texture Shininess

- Set Transparency

- Is Texture Expanded

- Attach Texture Space

- Delete Texture Space

- Edit Texture Bitmap

- Set Texture Size - this will update the size of the texture resource, but will not apply the changes to the object unless you click "Reset to default mapping" in the OIP, currently. I will look into a solution.

- Mirror -> will *hopefully* get implemented properly soon.

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Hi, the set arrow style appears to work with your options of choice, 0-6. In the file attached if you change the number you get the different styles as noted in the node. maybe there is something else that's not working.

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It's not necessarily that the node *won't* work, but there's a better node to use.

Some deprecated functions that were replaced slipped into the nodes for Marionette, including the one that 'Set Arrow Style' uses, but it's better practice to not use that function and use the one inside of the "Set Object Marker" node instead.

Although those nodes may work as described, they are using outdated functions and will most likely be removed or replaced in the node library in the future, so it's better to get used to the proper nodes now before the outdated ones disappear.

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