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Upgrade to El Capitan?

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HI All,

I know that there is an El Capitan thread, and I've read it, but there seem to eb a lot of mixed opinions. So, I thought I'd just ask flat out:

I've been holding off on the plunge into El Capitan - I'm still on Yosemite - largely because of the poor integration of VW on EC that I've been hearing about. But, now that EC 10.11.1 is out (with .2 is on the way) AND VW is now on SP2, my question is this: Is it safe to upgrade?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Worst case: You will need to make a new user account if Vectorworks does not run after the 10.11 update. However, this seemed to only affect users that did the upgrade from 10.9 or 10.10 to 10.11.0 (specifically x.x.0). After 10.11.1 I did not see new reports of the issue, but I was never able to replicate the issue in-house so I can not tell you it is 100% guaranteed to work, I really would If I could.

All other issues related specifically to Vectorworks' interaction with OS X 10.11.1 were patched as of SP2 and the major Office incompatibilities have been addressed by Apple, so we now allow employees here to upgrade as well.

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Using a late 2015 iMac, el capitan and vw16.

The line weight display in the attributes pallet does not display correctly the current or selected line weight.

If I open the pallet, the correct line weight is checked. If I close the pallet the correct one might be and it might not. Right now, it is out of synch. I've noticed this since I got the new machine. I started with service pack 1, then upgraded to 2, and it made no difference.

It seems to remember on the outside the last selection made on the inside. Whenever the outside does not reflect the inside line weight selected, dropping down the menu corrects it. It does sometime prevent knowing what line weight is selected before drawing a line.

No other problems with El Capitan.


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