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Displacement Mapping

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So what are the current best resources for getting a handle on creating displacement mapping in textures? I'm not seeing much on the service select website for tutorials or instructional videos and not much on the VW youtube page. I'd like to get some textures of standard residential siding, board and batten, stone and brick, standing seam roofing, etc.

Does nemetschek yet provide any libraries of architectural textures that include displacement mapping so I don't have to make them one at a time?

I obtained from StoneCAD their Vectorworks Library of textures combined with surface hatches. These were provided to them by nemetschek but they were very disappointing. The hatch pattern, although being the same type of stone as the texture, did not align in any way with the texture. Different patterns with different repeating intervals....and no displacement mapping. Many other off topic complaints about these textures I'll keep to myself. A fully flushed out stone library provided by nemetschek would be nice.

I've downloaded some of the maxwell rendering texture files. I haven't attempted to load these into VW yet. I thought I heard about a youtube tutorial on this but couldn't put my hands on it.

Any help in obtaining or getting started in making better quality textures with displacement mapping would be great.

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In this post Alan Woodwell provided links to two YouTube videos he created on Displacement mapping in Vw, maybe one of those was the video you were looking for.

I agree that Vectorworks, Inc. should provide those StoneCad textures with the surface hatches already aligned; I had the same poor results as you when I tried to align them myself.

Be judicious and don't overuse displacement maps as they can really slow down your rendering times.

Some of the Arroway textures have displacement maps that go with their textures, or they direct you to use the bump map also for displacement.

In addition to both CrazyBump and PixPlant applications, the website NormalMap-Online will convert your diffuse maps into relatively decent working displacement maps.

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Thank you for the input. That's the starting point I needed. I've been waiting for a Service Select full tutorial video at a minimum. Full libraries would be better.

I thought it odd that with both the Surface Hatch added feature and with Displacement Mapping a very limited number of Resources were provided along with them.


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