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VW 10...is it worth it?

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I must admit I wondered the same in the beginning. So I put the question to NNA. They made my office and me an offer I couldn't refuse which made it all the more worthwhile. I should add, that once we had VWA 10 and began running it on OS X, I was very pleased.

About the only thing our office has noticed, is that the combo of VWA and OS X is not as "snappy" as version 9 of each. I must attribute part of this to OS X. The trade-offs were worth the switch and upgrade. The balance weighed favorably for us as it was also time to upgrade the hardware to new 1Ghz iMacs, up from beige G3 desktops.

Go for it!

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Recently upgrading to v.10 has been mostly a "buggy" experience for me - Quicktime seems to no longer work (for other applications) and cad files translated from v. 9x are fraught with (mostly display) problems. For example, character fonts and sizes attached to certain objects/symbols change and we have to go through a cumbersome process to get them back to the original. And we still haven't figured out how to change the fonts of Room Names, other than total replacement. Hopefully, no other problems will emerge as we get further entrenched into v.10.

Mac G3

Mac OS 9.1

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