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  1. Works!! Thanks very much. DB
  2. An existing VW14 floor plan file has somehow changed the way door objects are handled. My existing doors now show lines in the opening as if I have "show walls" or "threshold" selected. The "wall lines" are colored the same and is a part of the door object. New doors insert the same. I can import a wall out of this file into a new file and insert a new door with the correct results: no lines in the door opening. I can then cut and paste the correct drawing to my existing working sheet/file and the door opening stays empty of lines as desired. The only thing I've done since the drawing was correct is import ACAD/DWG files. I know there's an apparent answer to this question, but I'm brain dead at the moment and appreciate any help provided. VW14 SP2 Mac OS 8.5 Late 2012 iMac
  3. Jonathan, thanks for the tip. DB
  4. What's the easiest/fastest way to change a drawn line style, say from a solid line to a dashed line - without going through the (irritating number of) steps in the Attributes Palette? Thanks, Dan Boone VW 2014 SP2 Mac OS 10.8.5
  5. Peter, thanks for the suggestion - I have tried printing smaller VW documents with my Epson Workforce 1100 printer that can print 11 x 17 size prints. To the same results. ASME setups shift the image to the right and down. It must have something to do with the Epson printer - I've not had this problem in the past when a HP LaserJet was my default printer. Dan Boone
  6. I'm trying to produce a CD package and can't get the printable area (drawing sheets) centered on the printed sheets. Under "Border Settings", I've chosen: Horiz Dim.: 34" Vert Dim.: 22" The sheet size is: ASME D The "Dimensions Shown Are: Outside Dimensions .5" margins all around Under Page Setup, I've chosen Size: ASME D Under Printer Setup, I've chosen: Format for : Any Printer Paper Size: ASME D The "Preview" image and/or .pdf file results with the sheet image shifted 1/2" to the right and down, thus cropping part of the right side and bottom of the image. Any suggestions? Thanks, Dan Boone
  7. Robert, that it! Most times the answer is so simple it makes one feel really stupid. Thanks a lot, DBoone
  8. Can't locate/relocate window &/or door id tags from the default plan location - (the VW 2008) video tutorial instructs you to move the label by dragging by the label's control handle. Control handle doesn't show for the (VW 2009) label whether originated with the ID Label Tool or through the Object Info Palette and I end up with a label in the middle of the door swing, the door itself or even outside the page boundary. Any advice? Thanks, D Boone Mac OS X v10.6.4 VW2009 Architect 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB
  9. David thanks for the reply - I'll try to find my original Tekton Pro CD and reinstall to make sure it's placed in the correct location. DB
  10. After being away from Vectorworks for several years, I'm now back working on a new project and experiencing a major font problem when opening existing files that were prepared using the Tekton and Tekton Pro fonts as defaults. When opening these files, no characters show unless I make a global change to say, garamond. Font Book indicates the tekton/tekton-pro fonts are OK (validated). Any comments, advice? Suggestions for a tekton-like substitute? Thanks, Dan Boone Mac OS 6.3 Vectorworks 2009 SP5
  11. Ole, have you resolved this issue? I've just experienced the same problem today trying to open a current VW12 file that was saved and closed last night. No computer crash or any similar problem. Two other files being worked on at the same time, and closed/saved at the same time opened today without a problem. Consequently, I'm very interested in your outcome. Bonose VW 12.0.1 Mac OS 10.4.6
  12. Solved the problem - installed an Adobe PDF printer driver which now lets my OS printing software recognize a full size 24 x 36 sheet. Bonose
  13. I'm trying to make .pdf masters for sending to an offsite print shop. My sheet size and border is US Arch D. My printer setup is formatted to "any printer" and the print size is 36" w. x 24" h (w/ .5" margins). When I print/save as .pdf, the resulting .pdf image cuts 1 1/2" off the bottom and one side. I've tried setting a custom size of 37.5"w x 25.5" h and have the same results. Any ideas?? VW 12.0.1; Mac OS 10.4.6
  14. bclydeb: thanks for the advice - I've stayed away from auto classing so far but may have to change my ways. Travis: I'm running VW 12.0.1, Mac OS 10.4.5. I remember having this problem with older versions of VW and seem to think the solution then was to set all the attributes to the 'class' style and then restart the program. That doesn't work with this version, which leads me to believe I'm just not employing the correct trick. Bonose
  15. My Attributes Palette will not ?hold? the class style for attributes. In other words, I?ll close a file with all the attributes (color, line, arrow head, etc.) set at the class style setting, but upon reopening the file, some are at the class setting, and some are not. Also during the time working on a drawing, individual attributes will switch in and out of class style as I use different tools, symbols, etc. and I find myself reassigning attributes to the 'class style' numerous times. Since I?m going crazy trying to remember the trick to solving this simple problem, any help will be appreciated.
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