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Referencing records from different files in a worksheet

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In a worksheet, to reference the information in a record format we use =record name.field name

Is there a way reference that information in a different file? Something like =path to file.record name.field name

What I'm trying to do is create a worksheet that pulls together data from the sheet borders located in multiple referenced files to create a master sheet list.

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Thanks, but that doesn't answer my question.

I'm willing to setup an external database with additional software if necessary, but all that seems like overkill for my needs.

What I want to do is pull field data from a record format into a worksheet, just like I would normally do inside a file, but access it from an another VW file, akin to referencing a style sheet from and html file. I'm aware that worksheets cannot be referenced. I'm actually trying to reference a record format, which also seems like it can't be done, but I'm wondering if anyone might know how.

Vectorworks will reference objects and keep them updated, but for some reason it can't do the same for data.

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