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Subdivision tool texture mapping


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Following my video https://youtu.be/oEsM26ERjrw on creating the promo chair I started to look at trying to texture the chair. In Vw it is not possible other than a single colour or single colour texture as you cannot map the texture to the object. This is after creating a solid from the subdivision mesh.

I believe that unless there is anything in the pipeline then we are not going to get something along the lines of C4D body paint anytime soon (maybe never). So I started to look at a new pipeline that will allow me to create a mesh and have a Uv map.

Early stages but I have managed success on a 1m cube. It needs a lot more testing on complex objects but I seem to be getting there. Attached is the vwx (educational) and you will see that you can edit the .jpg (image editing - I use Ps) (attached) and replace the texture in vw and it maps perfectly.

Thanks to the important part which is to use the 'imported' map that you get when you go via SketchUp.

Once I get this pipeline fully up and running (may take a while) I will happily post it on here.

Without some way of mapping textures for the subdivision tool then it is only a half-way solution but still of course a very good tool :)

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