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Sheet Border Customization

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Hello, quick question here,

Is there a way to customize the spacing for issue and revision entries which the sheet border creates. I have created a custom titleblock (which I use with the sheetborder) with specific row widths for issue and revision entries. Then I punch in ":iNo" ":iNote" ":iDate" at the spaces they belong but when it comes to display they start to get out of their row widths and look misaligned. Is there a way to get around this? I tried to change the texts' spacing value but no avail...

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Double-check all of your text format settings. The revision notes in my custom title block wrap and align just like I intend. I have the text format of :rNote set to 'wrap text' and I specify my width, along with my desired line height spacing. All those specifics are up to you. The only thing that really bugs me is that, using the custom note method instead of VWs revision block, Vert. Align must be set to bottom in order for the newest entries to appear on top. This causes the entries to start at the bottom of my box and propagate upward. Not a huge deal, but mildly annoying.

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Someone (maybe you?) asked me at the Design Summit and I was wiped out after a week of travel and couldn't remember it.

Apparently the trick is to edit the title block symbol, select the text object that displays the issue data and in the object info palette, set its vertical alignment to "Bottom" instead of Top, that SHOULD make it go the other way.

(Thanks to MikeG in Tech Support for that if it works.)

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