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Focus Points Very Slow

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Is anyone else finding Spotlight's Focus Point Tool to be unbearably slow in 2015? Anything that I have to do with a focus point - placing/renaming/moving around - causes the program to stop and think about it for about 15-25 seconds before completing the task. And this time is Increased is I'm trying to do anything to more than one focus point at a time, like trying to grid-nudge 5 points upstage 2 feet. I can initiate the move, then go get a drink, and hopefully it's complete when I return.

Everything else in the program is as quick and responsive as it's ever been.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I rigged up a test file with 150 lighting devices and a few focus points, I am able to move or switch out the focus points and the operations complete in under 2 to 3 seconds, I am not seeing a delay.

Could one or all of you please send me a file you are seeing this slowness in? I can take a closer look. Tech@vectorworks.net , please include a link back to this thread in the email for easier tracking.

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Hopefully this bug gets fixed soon. It's really messing up my workflow on some projects right now. I've resorted to deleting viewports on some shows where I I need to do a lot of focus point manipulation, but that means they have to be re-created, which is a major waste of time. I have repeating annual events with many sheet layers and many viewports.

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