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Wes Gardner

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Last week I was asked to take a look at the stair tool for a couple of reasons so first I took the time to break out all the 2D, 3D and combinations of 2&3D into all the possible classes – there are a few, 35 to be exact. The exercise started with someone asking about the stair in reflected ceiling plans, so I decided to see if I can produce all the required views for a multi-level building. So first I defined what those are: the first floor – with a break line and dashed treads above, the intermediate floor(s) with both an up and a down arrow with a double break line, and the upper floor with just a down arrow and the full flight showing not dashed. I also produced reflected ceiling views.

So a question might be, how to simplify the 35 classes into something that can be better managed?

I've attached a screen shot...

Any one who wants the actual.vwx file, I’ll send it via a separate vehicle as it’s too big to post here on the board

As always, I can be reached at wgardner@vectorworks.net.

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I've noticed in recent years a change to the way class attributes are assigned through the dialog boxes. If you want the object to use the class attributes you have to select each option for the attributes and choose use class. A classic is the site model graphics settings, when you select the class you then have three pop-up menus that you have to click on to choose the class attributes. Having a single button to do this would save a lot of time. With the stair attributes there are five pop-up menus that you have to go through to set the class style. Having a single button to set these would save a huge amount of time.

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