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Class Visibilities Problem

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I was working on a project when all of a sudden everything on sheet layers disappeared. I can't override class visibility in the View>Class Options menu.

Everything has disappeared from my sheets except for the currently selected class, and changing the Class Options to show/modify all doesn't have any effect.

Everything was fine up until I created a new viewport and couldn't edit or select it.

Ive tried restarting the program, and restarting the computer too.

There seems to be one class, 13, which is unaffected and does turn on and off when changing the Class Option visibility. All the rest will not show up unless the class is selected.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated


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Hi Andrew, Could you update your profile to show your VW version and system i.e. mac or win, you'll get more replies.

I know on my system I had a lot of problems with the screen plane setting, but this sounds like one class has become associated with the rest in some way.

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