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Tidy up imported 3d sketchup model

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Ive imported a bath which i downloaded from the manufactures website. Normally i try and download dwg / dxf files, but they only supply sketchup files.

When i import the bath it comes in quite strange with lots of heavy lines (see the images below) is there a better way to import sketchup models ?



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You have most likely done it properly. Currently mesh type objects imported from both sketchup and other 3D applications will make very complex arrays of 3D polygons.

A number of requests to better handle this have been submitted and I have seen some good progress, but no details yet.

In the meantime, you can try exporting from the free downloadable version sketchup to another 3D format, sometimes 3DS is superior, but often it is still a large array of facets.

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Download sketch up make and you get 8hrs worth of free pro (which you need).

Open up the .skp and export it as .3ds (you can only do this with pro).

Import into VW as .3ds and all will be fine, including scale and any attached materials (not colours).

tip: export from a clean sketch up file (purge everything) and import into a clean vw before copy/paste into your working file.

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